Tips For Making Your Child's Bedroom Fun And Functional

How To Deal With Aggressive Magpies

Magpies can become very aggressive, especially during the breeding season that typically runs from July to November.  This territorial behaviour can become a real nuisance if a group of magpies decides to take up residence in your garden.  But what can you do to defend yourself against problem magpies and how can your local commercial pest control firm help you? Why magpies attack Magpies are extremely territorial during the breeding season, and male birds can become very aggressive towards any creature that trespasses on their patch, including humans. Read More 

How to design a low-maintenance kitchen

If you intend to renovate your kitchen and want to minimise the amount of cleaning you'll need to do to keep your new space looking good, it's important to think carefully about the kind of materials you decide to use. Here are three tips which will help you to create a low-maintenance kitchen. Choose a durable worktop material Worktops are usually one of the first areas of a kitchen to show signs of wear and tear; regular usage, along with the occasional spillage of food and drink, can leave them looking scratched, dirty, and in need of repair. Read More 

Kitchen Renovation Ideas for Small Spaces

Renovating a small kitchen gives you an opportunity to create needed storage, and make the kitchen look and feel bigger overall. Since it can be a challenge to renovate any small space, especially a kitchen, note a few quick suggestions for making the most of your plans. Take out the dishwasher Removing the dishwasher can mean having space for an entire lower cabinet. You might hesitate to do this even if you don't use your dishwasher very often, as you may not want to go without one altogether. Read More 

Maybe You Need a Self-Storage Unit For Permanent Storage!

When you think of using a self-storage unit, do you automatically think of someone who just lost their house or left their spouse and needs to store their items temporarily while they find a place to live? These are certainly very common uses for such a unit, but it's not their only use. A self-storage unit can be a good option even for permanent storage for you or your family; note when it may be a good choice for you. Read More 

Window solutions 101 | 3 window treatment tips for renters.

Do you move a lot and want to avoid the hassle of installing elaborate window treatment hardware each time? Or maybe your landlord has a strict 'no holes in the wall' policy that severely limits your options? Not to worry, you're in the right place. Drapery offers a great way of making your house a home and personalizing your space. However, for renters, the mainstream window treatment options may appear to be expensive and inconvenient. Read More